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Ashley Iverson Reflects on Her Heartwarming Journey of Second Chances

Updated: Aug 21

From episode: Alcohol Recovery For First Responders

Both of us have been given a second chance at life and at love. And, and it's really special to share a partnership. We're very aware of that, right? And so every single moment we are so grateful to be able to experience this together, even when we've got outside noise and rumors and, you know, past coming to attack us, to be able to talk through it and be grateful for it, right? Because it's, something's happening for a reason. You know, I've said to him quite a few times, like, love is absolutely the greatest gift in this world. However, it can equally cause the greatest pain. So it's just a matter of being willing. Are you, are you going to allow yourself that potential to experience the most profound experience ever, which is love with the knowing that it can also cause the worst pain you've ever experienced. And, and like I've shared many times before, I would say yes to marrying Corey. Absolutely. A hundred times over if I knew what I was going to go through. Because now it's like, even, even before Phil came into my life, but being able to share love, not once, but twice. And, and on this, this level of friendship and companionship, and actually feel like I, it's, it's hard to say, right? Because I don't want anyone to, to misinterpret what I'm saying, but I didn't like living even when I was married to Corey. I was, I was, you know, I've said it before, but a lot like Phil, we understand each other and the aspect that I was never enough. There was nothing that I could do to produce enough, to be enough. And by losing Corey, it's given me an awareness that nothing that I do is going to affect my value. I am a value no matter what. And so I live every day in gratitude that I get to experience this life. And I live it in a way that I try to do the best that I can to, to respect others and to love others the best that I can. You can let fear drive everything and you can, you can experience nothing or you can allow love and then you can experience everything.

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