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Our Story

Once upon a time in the middle of a pandemic, two fire wives and complete strangers met on the internet and decided to start a podcast for first responders and their families. 

First responders provide safety to our country, and our world, but their safety whether it be mental or physical is severely lacking.  Families of these brave and selfless first responders witness the impact of answering the call every day.


Through this podcast, we hope to help families understand, support, and build stronger relationships with their first responders, while also finding community and appreciation for themsevles.

Hey there, it’s me, Chelsi!
Hey friends! Audra here.

Welcome to the Dear Chiefs Family! The one where we do real and imperfect, the one where I'll probably fumble over my words at least three times during a recording, and share my most messy thoughts so that you all don’t feel like you’re so alone in this crazy lifestyle of ours!


A few facts about me:⁠⁠⁠⁠

I’m a total goofball who loves tacos, Taylor Swift , and random living room dance parties. ⁠⁠

I'm a firefighter's wife of over 15 years and mom to three boys.⁠⁠


When I'm not watching my boys surf, chatting with our special guests on the podcast, or trying to figure out my husband's ever-changing duty schedule, I am a wedding photographer based in Mendocino, California.⁠⁠


I don't believe that anyone truly knows what they are truly "signing up for" when they fall in love with a first responder. My hot take is that resilience is learned. The stories of others are meant to be told because someone out there needs to know that they aren't the only person in the world with struggles.

It is past time to spread the message that mental health is health. It totally lights me up to be able to authentically share and educate people with that knowledge every week!⁠⁠

We are so happy you’re here.  I’m the side of the podcast that says UM every other word and laughs a lot. Whether you come on our podcast or come to listen, we want you to feel like we’re old friends just enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up.  


I’ve been married to my Fire Captain husband for 20 years and a proud member of the fire family for over 15.  Being able to share my perspective on being married to a first responder, and listening to others share their experience has helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed.  That’s what we want for our listeners.  


When I’m not podcasting, hanging with our 4 kids, or eating tacos I’m working on my day job as an insurance broker, or volunteering in our community in the Bay Area.  


Chelsi and I make a great team and are truly so lucky to be able to learn from each and every person we talk to in this first responder community. Learning about our first responders and hearing real-life stories every Wednesday is one of my greatest joys. If we aren’t learning, we aren’t growing. 


Pull up a seat and grab a cup of coffee, friends.

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